The Swedish Neurosurgical Society

The Swedish Neurosurgical Society supports the study and advancement of swedish neurosurgery. This is achieved through scientific meetings, through publications about aspects of neurosurgical practice, through fostering professional relationships amongst neurosurgeons and through the engagement with the public and other bodies involved in the provision of care to patients requiring neurosurgery.

The Society takes an active part in the examination of swedish neurosurgeons.

At present the Society has around 130 members and is a member of the Scandinavian Neurosurgical Society SNS, the European Association of Neurosurgeons EANS and the World Federation of Neurosurgeons WFNS.

Medical Advice

The Swedish Neurosurgical Society regrets it is unable to give medical advice or recommend neurosurgeons on this website.

Board elected 2019

President: Emma Svensdotter, Lund

Vice President: Magnus Tisell, Göteborg

Treasurer and Secretary: Margret Jensdottir, Stockholm

Scientific Secretary: Hans Ericson, Uppsala

Member: David Cederberg, Lund

Member: Pedram Tabatabaie, Umeå

Member: Oscar Åneman, Linköping